Limited Warranty

Subject to Care & Maintenance Requirements Below

Surface Conditioning:

Please do not use surface for a full 24 Hours. All newly refinished surfaces will have surface dust, which will have settled in to the new surface. There is no way to prevent this, as we are not working in a 100 percent dust free environment.

  1. DO NOT BE ALARMED, normal use and regular cleaning will remove all minor surface dust marks and particles within a few weeks.
  2. Do not try removing any particles by picking at them.
  3. Always wipe the surface to remove any excess water especially if the area is subject to pooling.
  4. Do not use any abrasive cleaners on or near the refinished surfaces. Your new finish is easily cleaned with a mild liquid cleaner. The only approved cleaners to use are "FANTASTIK", "FORMULA 409", "LYSOL TUB and TILE", "DOW SCRUBBING BUBBLES", "SIMPLE GREEN" or any other cleaning non abrasive cleaner which does not contain bleach or chlorine. Even if the surface does not appear dirty clean once a week with the any of the above mentioned cleaners.
  5. Do not use any abrasive scrubbing pads, such as "SCOTCHBRITE", or any similar pad as this will scratch the new surface. A Plastic cleaning pad or "TUFFY SCRUB PAD" designed for cleaning Teflon surfaces works well. A light acidic cleaner like vinegar and water is fine to remove hard water deposits. The owner and user must maintain faucets and plumbing. Leaky faucets will erode the new finish, causing it to crack and wear out prematurely thus voiding this guarantee.
  6. Do not use refinished items for liquid storage or subject the surface to any dye.
  7. Do not drop, drag any objects on the finish, which may cause it to chip, scrape or peel or mar the finish.
  8. Do not leave any bottles; spray cans, wet cloths on refinished surfaces for more then 24 hours. Acid compounds such as drain openers or tile grout cleaners and all harsh chemicals must be kept away from the finish. The use of liquid soaps or body washes is required / Mandatory as they rinse easily and prevent bar soap residue and lower the amount of scrubbing.
  9. Owner must maintain caulking on all areas requiring protection. Caulking is not warranted. DO NOT USE BATH MATS of ANY KIND.
  10. Damage may occur to any refinished surface when exposed to extreme heat. Please keep hot objects away from the refinished item.
  11. If we install a slip Resistant Surface you must still use caution when entering or exiting the area. We are not responsible for accidents.

We guarantee the surfaces will not Chip or Peel on its own. Scratching, deterioration of the finish or staining over time due to usage, cleaning practices or water conditions will be considered to be normal wear and tear and are not covered under this warranty. It does not cover customer neglect or for failure to comply with the care and maintenance listed above. No warranty on kitchen sinks. Movement or flexing on any surface resulting in cracks or splits is not warranted. We retain the sole legal ability to render a final decision when determining if the refinished item is covered by this warranty. You must keep this copy for warranty. Warranty is not transferable. Repairs are scheduled at a mutually convenient time during normal business hours. Scheduling repairs can take up to 14 Business days after inspection. As stated above you must allow us the opportunity to inspect the surface to determine if the surface is covered under warranty. It may require 14 Business Days for Inspection scheduling. After Inspection we may have to order products to make repairs. This takes 7 to 10 business days.